Anal Toilet Princess Tanzi Eats Ass

Anal Toilet Princess TanziTanzi’s Anal Therapy gets taken up a notch after her relapse. She is told that at her last treatment she was treated like a princess compared to what is going to happen to her this time. Then she is made to wear a princess dress, gets a toilet plunger gag shoved into her mouth, and gets tied to a rolling toilet seat. Dr. Mercies and Orderly Pain spin her round and round, face fucking her, spitting in her mouth plunger, slapping her, caning and whipping her, and rolling her into Dr. Mercies’ ass. Then Dr. Mercies fucks her ass in a painful position while she counts to 100. The men also feed her anal beads off their shoes and feet before it’s time for her patient sperm meal. Being the sick masochistic brat that she is, I have a feeling that Tanzi enjoyed all this.

Anal Toilet Princess Tanzi Eats Ass

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Anneliese Snow Ass To Mouth Virgin

Anneliese Snow Ass To Mouth VirginAnneliese Snow is a sweet little submissive girl who comes and squirts from anal sex. But she was also a virgin in some ways. She had never done things like Ass to Mouth or rimming. So Dr. Mercies had lots of fun using and teaching Anneliese Snow. There’s no treatment in this case file, just Dr. Mercies authentically dominating a super hot, filthy girl. He fucked her so long and hard that they bent the steel cart she was on. Then he made her worship his shoes and sweaty feet and ass until he shot a huge load of cum all over her face. As she licked up the splatter, he stuck his cock, which just kept on throbbing, right back in her blown-open asshole and fucked her some more. This is a genuine, Intense Anal Domination documentary filmed in real time with Dr. Mercies in his utmost happy place. Others fake it, we make it.

Anneliese Snow Ass To Mouth Virgin

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Ass Eating Threesome Video

Charlotte Sartre and Bobbi Dylan Degrading Ass Eating ThreesomeCharlotte Sartre and Bobbi Dylan take part in one of the nastiest and hottest Ass Eating Threesome ever to be filmed.  Dr. Mercies knew he had something special going for this Anal Therapy session and pushed his patients to extremes she had never experienced before.  The nastier this session got, the better Charlotte’s inner anal loving slut responded.  Enjoy the action as Nurse Bobbi lays down on the bottom of the pile, with Dr. Mercies laying on top of her, with his ass in the air and his balls dangling in her face.  To complete the Ass Eating Sandwich, Charlotte climbs on top, spreading his ass cheeks apart so she can go to work fucking his ass with tongue.

Ass Eating Threesome

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Two Girl Rimjob Game With Dr Mercies

Charlotte Sartre Rimjob GameDr. Mercies felt this Anal Therapy session was in need of some nasty, sloppy Rimjob action with a good mix of deep ass eating to help treat his patient Charlotte Sartre.  He came up with a game to play and because games are always better in groups, Dr. Mercies invited a few of the Assylum staff to join in on the fun.  With Nurse Holl playing the task master and Nurse Bobbi Dylan joining Charlotte Sartre for a Two Girl Rimjob Game.  As Nurse Holl begins to tie Charlotte up, The Dr bends over behind her and spreads his ass open wide and Nurse Bobbi takes her place on her knees between them, ready to eat his ass.  To make sure Bobbi Dylan’s tongue is getting deep in the Dr’s ass, Nurse Holl pushes on the tied up patient Charlotte, using her pale, emo ass to hit the back of Bobbi’s head forcing her tongue deeper into that open man ass.  This is true to life ass fetish action, Nothing is scripted or acted making for some very intense, authentic extreme anal bondage. You can’t find anything like this anywhere else.

Two Girl Rimjob Game With Dr. Mercies

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Degrading Ass Eating Anal Sex

Charlotte Sartre and Bobbi Dylan Degrading Ass EatingThis degrading ass eating and extreme anal sex scene is part 2 of the Anal Therapy treatment plan that Dr. Mercies and the Assylum staff have planned for one of their favorite perverted patients. Charlotte Sartre.  As in part 1, Extreme Anal Domination, Nurse Holl provides harsh electrical punishments with the cattle prod to keep the girls in line during the ass eating, piss swapping, cum swapping, ass to other girl’s mouth, lots and lots of face slapping, and of course, intense rough domination.  Charlotte Sartre and Bobbi Dylan really gave there all in this session.  Enjoy this intense documentary, and stay tuned for the final part soon.

Degrading Ass Eating Anal Sex

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